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Product: MapInfo Professional
Version: 8.0, 7.8, 7.5
Platform: All Windows Platforms
Category: Thematic Mapping

MapInfo Professional and creating a point thematic that changes both symbol size and color.

It is desired to shade a point table so that the size of the symbol varies with data associated with the point and the color varies based on the same field. How can this be achieved?

(This procedure can be used when trying to shade using one field or 2 different fields)

First, perform a ranged thematic using Point Ranges Default to get a range of colors:

Next, repeat the thematic but change the template to Point Ranges, Varying Size:

Shade the same table and field as before:

At step 3 of 3, click on Styles:

Change the "Apply" setting to size: (this will apply only the varying "size" based on the field selected to the existing shaded thematic)

Click OK:

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